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The History
Never by chance

To all appearance it is a story like many others, a young lawyer from Rome, looks for a house in the countryside of Montepulciano for his family, his wife and three children in order to get away from the polluted air of the big city on the weekends. Then the passion for the vineyard took the upper hand. The definite transfer to the estate and a new challenge to produce a wine to remember.

In reality it was a journey that seemed drawn from the past: a family that must go back to its roots, the new road of return was started and then, in part, interrupted, a time long ago. The need to find once again the ancient aromas linking them and giving them back, within a wine, over the years to come.

“My mother belonged to the old Florentine banking family of Baccelli. A part of the family transferred to Rome around the mid 1700’s to open a branch of the Bank, remaining strongly tied to their origins., with that Baccelli Palace that was situated at Torre Argentina later sacrificed to bring to light the archaeological area of Largo Argentina” tells Saverio Roberti, the owner together with his daughter Olimpia of the Le Bertille Property. “All my life, and that of my mother’s, has always been tied to anything that had to do with Florence. Our church was in Via Giulia, the church of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini in which gathered the Tuscan community of Rome. Our Bank that of Baccelli, was in Via dei Banchi Vecchi. And my mother when she was looking for a governess for her children, looked for a Florentine, in that way it would help her to maintain contact with her Tuscan dialect.” An attitude that tells of the great love an indissoluble tie to her land of origin, that she felt very far from then, and who knows today. An intimate nostalgia that took the young Saverio to choose between many possibilities, and that separation from Florence at the time he was an official in the military call-up. This lead to his choice, to look for a house in the countryside, the first Tuscan city nearest to Rome, Montepulciano.

As soon as the estate was purchased, the Roberti family profited by spending as much time as possible in Montepulciano, coming to a decision that Saturday the children wouldn’t go to school, convinced that the contact with nature and all the experiences from it would more than make up for the loss of the morning’s schooling.

Partly integrated within the countryside of the Estate there was also a hectare of vines and the old farmer, Beppe, the great master of the countryside, who was very able in the grafting , the authority of the other cultivators of the area, the man who taught to Saverio Roberti’s children knowledge and respect of nature. Among the children, it was the first-born Olimpia who nurtured the most this knowledge and love, and who once she finished her studies and became a lawyer decided to go and live in that place which by now she considered hers and which she transformed into a wine business where she could finally make her wine, just like Beppe had taught her to dream about.