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The Farm
The Bertille Farm
The Le Bertille Estate Farm extends over a valley 2 kilometres from Montepulciano and 8 from Montefollonico, and is made up of two farms, The Bertille and Casella farms, which are in all 20 hectares. The body of land planted with vines is around a ten hectares, while the rest of the property is sub-divided between an artificial lake, obtained from rainwater and drainage, 2 hectares of olive groves, part of a gully and ground ready for new planting, an orchard, the Agriturism San Gallo, the historical farmhouse and two cellars for the fermentation and storage.

In 1971 the first Farm, The Bertille was purchased, as a holiday house for the family. The two hectares of vines produced wine for the house and friends.
In 2001 the Casella Farm was purchased to support the decision of Olimpia Roberti to definitely dedicate herself to the countryside.
The old building which had been completely abandoned was restored and the old vineyard replanted.
In 2004 the San Gallo Agriturism was opened.
In 2006 the first Vino Nobile di Montepulciano was bottled, from the 2003 harvest.