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The Casella Farm
The vineyard is situated at around 350mt. above sea level and covers a surface of 8 hectares of land.

The land was originally Pliocene and in particular its soil was evolved from muddy and clayey sediment of the Pliocene sea. Derived from a moderate fertility soil which gives excellent enological results because it enables the grape the possibility to produce wines that will, over time remain stable.

In particular, the good fertility of this type of land suffers some limitation due to the active limestone content and the salinity.

The modest extent of these limitations are realized during the summer water stress situation which is indispensible to obtain wines of excellent quality.

The wines obtained have the characteristic to maintain a stability and harmony over a number of years of their typical aroma of violets, of spices and astringency.

The vineyards are orientated north-east south-west, due to the characteristic of always being ventilated, are sheltered from stagnant humidity and fungal disease.

The grapes planted are:
Mammolo from grafting the old vines originally present on the property.
Canaiolo with a red stalk
Petit Verdot

As each vineyard corresponds to a single vine selected for its best return via its rapport with the soil and exposure, each of which is harvest and made into wine separately.