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The Bertille
The Bertille Farm
The vineyard covers a surface of 2 hectares of land situated at around 450mt. above sea level, and has been in production since the 1970’s.

The soil is originally Pliocene and in particular has been derived from the soils developed from sands. The characteristics of this soil are of an average fertility which gives good enological results that contribute in giving the plant the use of the oxygen available from the elevation.

They are soils capable of deadening the variable climate and thus reducing the negative effects on the vines.

The wines obtained from this terrain have a good structure and typicality, and are characterised by the distinct presence of a bitter sensational note and violets with a high acidity.

The grapes planted are:
Prugnolo gentile (Sangiovese cultivated in Montepulciano)

The grapes, all come from old vineyards present in the farm, and are spread over the terrain in such a way that they make up a single vineyard, and as such are harvested and made into wine together.